If it’s this good, am gonna share it!


It is amazing and very challenging just to think how Jesus and his disciples spread the gospel even with their limited means of movement,  yet they were very excited,  focused and very effective in their mission. Today we have NO EXCUSE at all not to share, except for those in places with extreme persecution and restrictions. As we drive our cars, enjoy BBQ, watch sports games, concerts etc…..let’s not just look at people as numbers but always ask ourselves how we could share the good news to them if given the opportunity.  Even if it’s one person you shared with, you have no idea how you could change their world….this is good news, if it’s this good am gonna share it.
You may say I have no time, I am shy, I am not well equipped etc…how about supporting those who are doing it ? You can start by asking your pastor what opportunities are available,  buy a ‘Jesus loves you’ car sticker,  t-shirt, or invite a friend to church or even into your home for a meal and as the Lord opens the door you can share what God has done in your life. #ifitsthisgoodamgonnashareit
Twitter: @andrewkizitoUS

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