The faith that stands…


Even as followers of Christ things will not always go our way….there will always be challenging times and situations that will shake our faith and even bring doubt in us of his ability to deliver us. But even when it comes down to death itself or losing everything we have worked for or achieved, we should not bow down to any pressure whatsoever shape or form it comes in.
God will always come through for us, whether it’s in the midst of the burning furnace or at the end of ┬áthe tunnel! We can rest assured that he is watching over us always and that the victory is ours!
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It’s love and purpose

No doubt God has called us to himself because he wants a relationship, he wants us to spend quality time with him. More importantly he has a mission that ‘only we’ can accomplish for him. So many people are bound and suffering under the arm of evil and he has given us the authority to free his people.
When he calls, will you answer? When he sends you, will you go?
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Even when it hurts so bad….ughhh!


No relationship is perfect! Be it family, romantic, business etc…there will always be something one will do that will rub the other party the wrong way. The people we love most and trust will hurt us, stab us in the back and sometimes even get in the way of our opportunities or progress.  However holding onto past anger and unresolved issues will only escalate Into extreme thoughts resulting into devastating actions.
Forgiveness,  letting go of the past even when it hurts so bad,  is a step towards healing and eventually reconciliation with the people we love and care about.
Let’s choose forgiveness today!
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Right where you are!


In times of crisis,  it is easy to make rush decisions and end up where God didn’t intend us to be,  get involved in relationships that weren’t tailored for us, make bad business deals, enroll in an academic program not suitable for us etc…but before we go too far,  we need to take a breath, seek God’s guidance and just wait! Sometimes the blessing is right where we are, but disguised in trials, hardship and tough situations!
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What if you don’t get what you want?


I just felt I need to share this:
The easiest way to frustration in the Christian faith, is coming to God primarily as a means to receive a material thing,  fame, husband, wife, money etc…the truth is that you  may get these things in God but many times it doesn’t work that way! Some prayers God will answer some he will not! #truth some will take time to be realised. But either way if you completely surrender to God and come to him as a broken person knowing that only him can satisfy your desires, needs etc….regardless of where you are in life, economically, geographical location. Giving our lives to God knowing that his salvation surpasses all material things will give us a strong root and anchor in this very challenging life…life is very tough,  but when we genuinely give it to him, our weakness he will turn into strength. I have Iived on both extremes, abject poverty to where I can open the doors to my house everyday, have a family and afford the things I only dreamt about….but even as I see doors continue to open in my life, enjoying my wife and kids, helping the poor and destitute,  running a school, a couple of businesses….I am at a point that even if I lost all these things including my family who I Iove so much! My anchor and trust is in God and God alone….I trusted him when I had nothing, now what I have should never come in the way or the absence of these and more, should never make me doubt and forsake my faith and most importantly the salvation I freely received from Christ on that cross. I hope you are encouraged and can put your trust in him too, whether things are good or bad, ugly or unbearable. Please read Matthew 6:33.
Have a blessed week.

How much is in your account?


God has already given the promise! Are we willing to take action? When his word is written in our minds and hearts, we will be ready to share him in and out of season, we will encounter our daily challenges with the confidence withdrawn from his word. How much do you have in your ‘Word checkings/savings account?
Remember you can’t withdraw what you didn’t deposit!
Let’s start today!