Don’t stay down!


      I love the honesty of scripture! We are given a heads-up here that in life, in our walk with the lord, in our work, there is a possibility or more of falling! We also see here that the main focus is not on the falling, but on getting up!
   But how in the world does a righteous man/ woman fall?! And when he does how many times is he allowed to get up?! The text says seven, but I know I have fallen thousands of times and the love and grace of God picks me up each time!   In John 16:33 Jesus promises us that in this world we will have trouble/suffering…but he has also conquered and overcome the world and all its troubles!
      Are you still down, beaten again by your familiar foe, addiction, obsession etc….? Are you blaming yourself for that lost deal, fiance, girlfriend, boyfriend that let you down or that missed opportunity. You can choose to get up or stay down but I encourage you to brush yourself up, clean up and let’s face that giant again, greater is he in you than the one in the world!

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