Is it Love?


  Have you ever loved someone so much but you are scared if you tell them their wrongs they will be mad at you or even distance themselves from you?     
   It happens all the time! Many of us will hide ‘stuff’ under the rug thinking that avoiding the elephant in the room will probably sustain the relationships we have, maybe it’s a pending engagement you don’t want to mess up or miss the experience, a child misbehaving and you’re afraid they won’t come back home, a business relationship you might lose and so on and so forth….
  Scripture tells us that Perfect Love drives out all fear (1John 4:8) and we don’t want to be like Priest Eli in the Bible who lost the priesthood because he willingly refused to correct his sons in their mischief (1 Samuel 1:11-14)
  If you love someone so much, you will tell them the truth in love, they may react negatively but will thank you later and respect you forever!

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