Look around you…



( For the Lord gives wisdom;
from his mouth come knowledge and understanding Proverbs 2:6)

    We are all in a classroom! Question is, are you willing to learn?
   Let’s put it this way, wherever we are , work, school , bus, taxi , home. We are surrounded by people, situations, challenges, memories and expriences that we can’t fail to draw a life lesson from.
  I meet people who say, if only my parents were alive I could have gone to college and pursued this proffesion, some will say if I wasn’t born in this country, in this family, I could have been in a better place and so on and so forth….These are legitimate reasons but they can also be excuses that lead to nowhere.
   Some of the most successful people in areas of influence,  entertainment, leadership, sports, and business either didn’t finish college or come from perfect family settings yet they looked for an opportunity,  a solution and a way out of their own circumstances.
    It is great to find education in an insitution, classroom etc…(I highly recommend it) but we can’t restrict ourselves to that, yet we are daily surrounded by lessons, tuition free! Question is, are we learning?
#neverstoplearning #lessonseverywhere #pickupcredits

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