Away with these labels…


Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness… Genesis 1:26 (NIV)

As a young boy in Uganda, East Africa, every one I saw with a lighter complexion was a muzungu (White Person ) We would wave to airplanes up in the skies, ‘ Bye muzungu’!   It never occurred to me that there were many shades of white! I never knew the Mexican wasn’t a real muzungu, nor the native American, Chinese,  Japanese,  name it…I thought they just spoke different languages but they were all white to me and my friends!
   Many years later I travelled to the states and discovered the different layers of White and Americans,  I met the native American,  the Asian American,  the Hispanic American, Puerto Rican and then I also met the African American! 
   As if it wasn’t bad enough I discovered there’s also different shades of black! The black American,  the light skinned, the dark skinned and of course like me the African! Now this confused me even the more….I thought black was black because of our similar origins, but not so!
  Fast forward I am now married to an African American wife with African, Indian and white blood and together we have two African American boys! What that makes me? Probably an ‘African African’!    
   While I have had my own share of racial discrimination/bias from whites, the one that hurt the most is from fellow ‘ Blacks’.
   Where I am going with this? These labels are not only confusing,  misleading and divisive, they are destroying us.
    We are one people created by one God but in different packages and colors…I think of the Cat…yes the cat…the ones in my mother country give birth to an average of 3-4 colors of kittens, but they are still kittens and they are fed and nurtured by mama cat. Now if animals are able to understand their own uniqueness why can’t we learn to not only coexist but erase these labels from our minds?
  We might have different exteriors but we still bleed the same blood ‘RED’
  Let’s drop these labels and live life like the human race, we are different colors but one people created by one God in his own image and likeness.

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