What money can and can’t…


But make His Kingdom and righteousness your chief aim, and then these things shall all be given you in addition.
Matthew 6:33 (WNT)

  Everything we need and desire is in God. He has made and created everything for our pleasure and enjoyment.( Yes God wants us happy and fulfilled!)
  I am sure you have heard of this, money can buy you a house but not a home,  a beautiful woman but not a wife or vice versa , It can buy you insurance but no guarantee of sickness or accidents , It can buy you food but no appetite, we can go all day on numerous things money and possessions can’t give you.
   In our verse for today, Jesus gives us the order of priority in our pursuit for happiness and fulfillment.
  Making God and his kingdom our chief aim, or as a friend said, ‘ keeping the main thing, the main thing!’ Will not only ground us in unshakeable faith but will make all things name it, less valuable and not the reason for why we live and strive,  but as an accesory for seeking , serving and doing the work of God’s kingdom.
    What are you searching for today? Are you fulfilled or just running from one thing to the next?
True fulfillment is in having God and his kingdom fully established in your heart and then you will attract ‘ All these things ‘ and enjoy them too!


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