It’s a test

But he knows the way that I take;

    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

Job 23:10 (NIV)
Not so many of us have experienced the severity of suffering Job in the scriptures endured. From losing everything he had worked for, to losing his family, friends judging him for his misfortune, oh and not forgetting the constant, painful and physical affliction on his body for all to see. Job had every right to complain, whine, point fingers and even curse God which was suggested to him by his wife, but he didn’t.

  In the midst of all the pain and difficulty, Job found something others would not see. He got a revelation that God was with him in this fire, he was being tested but this test was not to fail him, expose his weaknesses, or bring him down, it was to bring the best out of him. His character would be purified and his faith in God would go to another level.

   What are you going through today? It probably seems like there is no end or way out of it. Before you throw in the towel on faith, before you curse God and every one around you, before you make permanent conclusions on this temporary situation, Please know that this could be a test. 

  The hotter the fire, the finer you will come out. Allow God to squeeze and reveal  to you everything about you through your situation or crisis. There is a lot to learn in times of trial, there is always a solution in every problem.

 Seek him diligently, be quiet for a moment and listen to the voice of God even as he purifies you in and out.

The victory is yours and you win on the other side of the furnace!



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