The best time to start is Now! 

A song doesn’t become one after it hits the radio 

A book doesn’t become one once it’s in the bookstores 

A movie doesn’t start the moment it’s in the cinemas 
  Every project, invention, starts with an idea that is carefully drafted or recorded either on paper or discussion and with time it is developed into a reality.

   The best time to start is Now!  With or without capital or resources you can start your dream. 

 With time, planning and persistence it will become a reality. 
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. 

Isaiah 60:1


Swift Exit

So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon. 

Genesis 41:14 

 I can only imagine the panic, confusion and fear Joseph was in when he was thrown into jail for a crime he didn’t commit. 

He faithfully served his time and even excelled in that situation, but while he was getting used and comfortable to the prison life and the few privileges, God made a way to get him out of there, all the way to the top!  

  My prayer is that you don’t get comfortable with where you are, because that’s not where you belong.

 I also pray that God will cause a swiftness in your exit to where you are supposed to be.
Great weekend!

Andrew P Kizito

Because the Lord is with you! 

Regardless of where life and people threw Joseph,  God was with him. From dealing with hateful family members, sold into slavery, thrown in jail for crimes he didn’t commit, yet he prospered in every place and it was clear to everyone that the hand of the Lord was on him,  this didn’t stop until he was the 2nd powerful man in Egypt.  Where has life thrown you? Regardless of where you are right now, just know that the hand of God is upon you and that you will rise to be everything God intended for you.
Greatness awaits you!

It’s what he sees

While he was hiding from his oppressors and doing everything he could to provide for his family and people, God saw a mighty warrior, valiant and Hero in him even before he lifted a sword.

God doesn’t not look at what you think of yourself or what others say about you. 

He sees greatness, potential and a great end to your story.  Go out in the strength God sees in you, overcome every challenge and bring hope to those around you.

Andrew Paul Kizito