Where is your trust? 

​Stop trusting in mere humans who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem

    Isaiah 2:22
It is very easy to put our entire trust in people because of their  ability or opportunity they have to help us in our journey of life.

  The downside to this is that they could die, lose their fortune, change their mind or even commit to somebody else or project.  

  When we fully trust in God, he will cause people to come our way and execute his purpose for our life. 

  Before you get mad at who wasn’t there, who didn’t help the way you wanted. Please know that it is God who moves the right people to be involved in our lives.  

   Today whether you see it or not, God has placed people in your life to help, encourage,  uplift , comfort and be a blessing to. Ask the Lord to show you who they are or to open your eyes and do the needful.

Have a blessed day as you be a blessing to someone one else.

Andrew P Kizito

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