Mas-Christ (More of Christ this Christmas! 

​I was talking to a young man this  morning who looked so sad, I asked why and he told me no one gave him a present, I asked if he had given a gift to anybody,  he said no because he was saving his money…I almost told him that maybe his family/friends are saving their money too!

    Then by driving downtown and seeing how people are flocking the malls to make last minute shopping,  I feel like we have materialized this whole Christmas celebration,  to many it is about what they are getting or giving in exchange for what they want or expect from the next person.  

  Nothing wrong with any of this but when the message is lost in between, I think we probably need to give it another name. 

    My prayer is that we use this time and season to reflect on the greatest gift of all, how he gave of himself for us all, how he taught us to love, forgive, show compassion and most importantly serve others. 

  So before we complain about the size, brand or what we didn’t get….let’s be thankful of what we already have.  Let’s be  thankful for  the ability to even open and enjoy these gifts,

Let’s be thankful for  these relationships we have,

Let’s be thankful that Jesus stripped himself of all so that we can have a relationship with God….

 Merry Christmas to you all my friends


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